Vancouver Sexuality Resources

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This guide provides brief descriptions and contact information for some of the sex-positive cultural resources of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Before beginning, we should pause to mention that:


For most folks Metro Vancouver Kink (which offers both social and educational events) is probably the best place to start.

A separate organization called Rascal's Club offers monthly play parties, and their web site currently includes the most up-to-date list of the Vancouver area's BDSM community "munches" (i.e. informal restaurant gatherings for newcomers).

The Sin City dances (see below) are also very popular in the community right now.

Men who enjoy men-only events may also wish to check out Vancouver Men in Leather and the Pumpjack.

Swing Clubs

Clubs currently include Club Allure and Club Eden.

For BDSM-themed swing events, see the "DenOfPleasure" group on the fetish networking site


The Vanpoly Mailing Lists are the primary means by which poly events in the Vancouver area are publicized (alternatively, see their "Vancouver Polyamory - Vanpoly" group on, or their "Vanpoly" Facebook page).

Men's Bathhouses and Sex Clubs

Vancouver's men's clubs are Steamworks, F212, and Steam 1.

A safer sex reminder may be in order here: obviously you can't tell whether somebody is HIV-positive or HIV-negative based on how they look or what they say, and particularly if you're new to places like these visiting them while intoxicated is not a good idea.

Spiritually-Focused Sexuality

The Body Electric School offers its men's and women's workshop several times a year in Vancouver.

Sex Education

A well-designed art gallery and sex toy store called The Art of Loving sponsors educational events.

Tantra Fitness offers both group classes and one-on-one instruction in striptease, pole dancing, burlesque, and lap dancing.

Sex Toys

Womyn's Ware is an extremely comfortable and informative place to shop, and offers the best selection of high-quality sex toys in the city. The Art of Loving (see above) is another great choice.

If you're a gay or bi man, and especially if you're looking for leather clothing, don't miss Priape.

Fetish Fashion and Dancing

The twice-monthly Sin City Fetish Night dance (which has a strict dress code) is one of the most remarkable events Vancouver currently offers: as it stands, Seattle residents who love fetish fashion and/or dancing regularly drive to Vancouver to attend it. A new dance event, with a similarly strict dress code, is the Noir Fetish Ball.

Sanctuary, which does not have as strict a dress code as Sin City or Noir, is generally held on the weeks Sin City isn't held.

GBLT Resources


Vancouver's GLBT resource centre is Qmunity. For GLBT books and gifts, visit the famous Little Sisters Book Store.

Vancouver has both an annual pride parade and a women's community march.

Gay or Bi Men

In addition to the other resources mentioned in this guide, Vancouver has active organizations for gay/bi nudists and rubber enthusiasts.

Lesbian or Bi Women

In addition to the other resources mentioned in this guide, Canadian Mayhem and Flygirl Productions both offer events for lesbian/bi women.


Local resource guides and support are provided by TransAlliance Society.


Heterosexual crossdressers are served by the Cornbury Society.

Health and Counseling provides STD testing locations, and sex therapists include Dr. Pega Ren, Dr. Paul James, and Dr. Renee Lanctot.

Local Media

See the Georgia Straight for general news, Xtra! or the GayVancouver web site for GLBT news, and either the Sexlife Canada web site or the Sexy in Vancity podcast for sex-positive news.

Victoria and Beyond

British Columbia's capital city of Victoria is accessible by ferry from Vancouver: its main poly resource is Van Isle Poly, its main BDSM resource is Sagacity, and a Tantra teacher named Maryse Côte offers workshops for both individuals and couples.

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