Sex-Positive Student Organizations

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The people who manage this web site once founded a similarly-named registered student organization at University of Washington, which existed from 1995 until a critical mass of them graduated in 1998. In that spirit, the following guide strives to list all of the sex-positive student organizations within the United States which were ever apparently recognized by their colleges or universities.

Please note that, with very few exceptions, at most the only school funding these groups tend to receive are the same standard allotments from student activity fees which would be granted to any student organization which followed student activities office procedures: in other words, all claims to the contrary, "taxpayer money" is typically not involved.


Still Active or Possibly Active

No Longer Active


  1. This article from Clean Sheets discusses the emergence of new sex-positive student organizations on our nation's campuses, making the point that, "What's perhaps most important is that the newly established sex-positive groups at universities are fundamentally GLBT-friendly." However, it also seems that the GLBT groups at universities are becoming more sex-positive, in a manner perhaps mirroring the growing popularity of pro-sex feminism amongst campus feminist groups (this thought occurred to us while reading the list of programs and presenters for the 2005 Western Regional LGBTQIA College Conference).
  2. As can be seen above, well over half of the sex-positive student organizations that have existed to date have had a more-or-less exclusive focus on BDSM. However, it occurs to us that by having the organization's focus be on sex education and sex-positivity in general (1) you are still free to host all the BDSM events you like, (2) you may be able to interest students beyond those curious only about BDSM, and (3) in defending your group you will have an easier time directing the conversation to traditional safer sex education and improving public health (both of which are values already generally accepted within major universities). Anyway, something to consider...

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