Contributed Documents

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This section contains contributed documents, which were not written by us and are generally not updated by us except upon the original author's request. They represent a variety of viewpoints which may or may not coincide with our own. Some of these documents are outdated, no guarantees can be provided as to accuracy, and as always you are urged to instead speak with a qualified professional on matters that may concern your safety or health.

There are a few articles in this section (including some which date back to the early days of the internet) for which authorship information is unavailable. If an article doesn't credit an author, but you can identify that article's author so that proper attribution can be given if the author still desires it, then we would be deeply appreciative: omissions of this nature are certainly not intentional.

Please note that contributed writings by individual authors (e.g. David Steinberg, Dr. William Henkin, and Dr. Jack Morin) have been moved into this site's Contributing Authors section.

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