Statement of Principles Handout (1996)

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First, ask yourself the following:

Our organization was created to address the needs behind all of these questions.

Under the assumptions of consensuality and safety, participants in our organization generally agree with the following positions:

  1. Pro Pleasure: We find sexual pleasure to be enjoyable and legitimate in its own right, and support all sex education efforts that we consider to be both pleasure-positive and honest.
  2. Pro Safety: We encourage the widespread availablity of effective safer sex education and supplies, and support whatever personal growth a person may find necessary to maintain his or her emotional safety and health while being sexually active.
  3. Pro Growth: We encourage open communication between people representing all genders, sexual orientations, sexual preferences, and consensual styles of sexual expression. We recognize that it is often from the people whom we perceive to be the most different from us that we have the most to learn.
  4. Pro Communication: We recognize that good communication in sexual matters is often critical in insuring consensuality, maximizing pleasure, and providing the best opportunity for personal development.
  5. Pro Expression: We find the erotic to be a legitimate area for artistic expression, and support the creation and enjoyment of quality erotic arts.
  6. Pro Education: We find the topic of sex to be inherently interesting, and support books, classes, discussions, etc. that increase our understanding of it on both personal and scholarly levels. We support efforts to increase the levels of tolerance, accuracy, and pleasure-positivity in contemporary sex education, and also support efforts to make quality sex education available to everyone.
  7. Pro Freedom: We support the legal right of all adults, regardless of gender, to engage in any consensual sexual activity they wish. We support the full extension of freedoms of speech to sexually explicit writings and discussion, whether in real-life, in print, or online.

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