Review of Various BDSM Art Films

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Story of O (original, rare version)

Pretty dark. Not enough explicit whipping for my taste. I frankly, has a hard time with this genre. Why don't ANY of these girls EVER learn anything about topping? Don't their arms work? Don't their brains? Haven't they ever heard of a smart-ass bottom? Can't they find cuter boyfriends in the real world, or what? Are they too thin? Would they snap like twigs if they tried to say the word "switch"? (OK, OK, I'll stop.)

Bloodsisters (documentary of SM leatherdyke scene)

If getting clothespins whipped off you by a signal whip specifically flips your switch, this is your perfect vid. Of course, any film with this much girl-girl SM is A Good Thing by my standards, but I expected a LOT more blood, given the title and the fact that these are leatherwomen. But I say see it.

Belle de Jour (French)

I think Catherine Deneuve was on drugs when she did this one. I was on drugs the first time I saw it, when it first came out. I thought it was pretty hot then, but I thought getting drunk with a bunch of smelly drug dealers was fun then too. Now I am less easily amused, and it's boooo-ringggg. I say take a nice, long nap instead.

Realm of the Senses (Japanese)

Very interesting, very Japanese. Hot sex without all the standard Money Shots. Interesting questions raised about sexual obsession, always a relevant topic for me. I gotta admit, the frankenpenis thingy at the end does squick me. I say see it for sure, but keep your finger on that fast forward button at the very end.

La Matraisse (French)

Sixties dom/sub stuff. Piss scenes! Some pretty explicit SM, BD, and DS. I hate the inevitable 60s man-wins-over-evil-predatory-lesbo ending though. YUCK. But I'd watch it 400 more times just to be sure and, uh, some of the SM is hot. I like it.

Punishment of Anne (art film)

Fun! See it!

Charles Gatewood films (almost all)

I like the one where Decker gets his throat cut by Lily Braindrop. Yummy! What? No, I'm not going to tell you which one that's in. You have to rent all of them and find it yourself. Neener neener.

Classic Betty Page/"Bizarre Sex" loops

Betty, Betty, Betty. Will you marry me and have my babies? moist sigh Film from when people knew what bondage was FOR. Watch these. See people laugh. See people dance around and tie each other up. See antique underwear and real bellies and thighs, not to mention REAL TITS.

Contemporary gay/lesbian pornography, such as "Safe is Desire."

Fast forward thru the first half of "Safe Is Desire." The sex at the club in the second half is pretty hot -- REAL LESBIANS DOING STUFF THAT GIRLZ COULD ACTUALLY CUM FROM!! -- but the first half will make you wonder why anybody would want to fuck either of these girls, latex or no latex. JUST SHUT UP AND EAT IT! Oh, excuse me. That wasn't very nice, was it? Ahem.

Workshop films, such as Betty Dodson's workshop, "How to Female Ejaculate", and "Sluts and Goddesses"

I know these are Good For Me. I know they're here to build my character. I wish I could proudly say that they don't make me roll around on the floor laughing until I have to change my panties for the wrong reason. You won't tell anyone will you?

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