Review of Welcomed Consensus Videotape

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The Welcomed Consensus D.O. Volume I
35 minutes. $24.95 + $5.00 shipping. VHS.
Available from The Welcomed Consensus

Sprinkled around the San Francisco Bay area are a small number of radically sex-positive communities. Existing since the late 60's, they are dedicated to: Communal living, deep respect of female energy and empowerment, couples/group communication skills, safe-sexing information far beyond the realm of most public knowledge, and extreme enhancement of sensuality and orgasm skills. I admit to bias; I've experienced this milieu and love it.

Several of these communities give personal development courses which can be used to enrich the lives of individuals, or to provide the foundation of pleasurable life in a communal setting. I've taken classes from More University, and attest that although expensive they are well worth the investment.

Another group giving such training is the Welcomed Consensus (get it?... well-comed consensus); presently, their schedule of courses is by far the most ambitious. This videotape was produced by them.

The "D.O. Volume I" tape is, on the surface, a very bare-bones effort. No background music sets a romantic mood. The single camera is on a tripod, and rarely moves. I do not regard these as being drawbacks; this is a no bullshit classroom exhibit of a woman being put into one helluva extended orgasm. Lack of camera cuts and editing preserves the experience of the viewer being a student; this demonstration is a part of their regular curriculum.

After a brief introduction, a woman confidently disrobes and lies on a table with her legs spread open and crotch facing the camera. She is then manually brought into what they call a "Deliberate Orgasm", which ascends and lasts through the rest of the tape. Emphasis is on precise clitoral excitement. She is able to respond to questions about the experience. The goal is the production of female orgasm, and not foreplay. Female anatomy, a variety of manual strokes, and clinical signs of orgasm are detailed.

This woman has been trained to intensely "come on command", in any setting. The man giving stimulation is an instructor with focused experience revving up thousands of clits. In other words, this is a more "show off" tape demonstrating what is possible than a basic tutorial guaranteeing success to beginners.

Nonetheless, a lot of valuable information is given. Every phrase in the tape is important and greatly elaborated in classes. I regard "D.O. Volume I" and a similar tape produced by others, "The Art of Extended Orgasm", to be important additions to sexual education. These people are into head-to-toe life-changing orgasms, and are very adept at it. Experiencing such intense physical pleasure is an invaluable tool for other studies, such as Tantra.

My only complaint is that this tape is very similar to More University's "How to Do a Woman", circa 1980. However, "D.O. Volume I" is greatly superior in video and audio quality, lack of obscure "in crowd" terminology, and availability.

I recently loaned this video to a male acquaintance and asked his reaction. He disdainfully said, "It's nothing but giving a girl a hand job!" I didn't respond, but know several women who have found his sexual technique very disappointing. Our culture places great barriers to giving and receiving unlimited pleasure; the "D.O. Volume I" is produced by aficionados who have dedicated themselves to the craft of sensuality. Sadly, most people will be unable to grasp what is going on. For those able to admit they are students, workshops and videotapes can be very important.

It's a mistake to dismiss such ecstasy as basic, beginner's stuff; this is a valid path that just gets better and better. The physical pleasure we can perceive is endless.

Welcomed Consensus have a life which I suspect virtually everyone dreams of, but few know how to explore. "D.O. Volume I" shows a thin slice of the scene in these communities. If you only watch it once, you're probably missing the point.

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