Review of Romantic Massage

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Romantic Massage: Ten Unforgettable Massages for Special Occasions
by Anne Kent Rush
Avon Books
ISBN 0-380-75985-3

The "look and feel" of this book is like one of those cookbooks from Moosewood or Tassajara: brown nubbly cover, creamy paper, fine-line pen illustrations throughout. The idea is to show how romance can be increased with massage and loving touches. And to encourage people to share these communications.

Each massage is given a title like "On The Beach," "The Breakfast in Bed Massage," or "Slow Dancing Massage." Each has a brief introduction, and concentrates on one section of the body (for instance, "On The Beach" concentrates on the back). After the (well-illustrated) directions, there's a little suggested menu -- a Valentine's day feast, breakfast in bed, tea for three. The "New Year's Massage" concludes with a couple blank pages headed "Romantic Resolutions"; the stress relief massage concludes with pages of more detailed stress relief techniques. And the Valentine's Day massage ends with an introduction to the more erotic aspects of massage.

I have very little experience with massage, and it looks like this book is a great intro. The techniques are clearly explained, well-illustrated, and the various scenarios are well constructed.

Frankly, I'm turning into a dewy little puddle of RomantiGoo just looking through it. I bought this book at the Rubber Tree (in Seattle) but I bet it's pretty widely available, or easily ordered. We took it on our Valentine's drive, but didn't look into it then. I think we will in the future. Let's see, is there a "Welcome Home" massage?

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