Review of Fire on the Mountain

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"Fire on the Mountain" (subtitled "An Intimate Guide to Male Genital Massage") is a videotape which illustrates the basics of male erotic massage as taught by the Body Electric School.

This video starts with a monologue by Joseph Kramer (the gentleman who originally founded the Body Electric School), and then moves on to teaching the fundamental elements of this particular form of spiritual erotic massage.

The beginning of this tape conveys two important pieces of information: that it's important to breathe in a certain way during your massage (rhythmically sipping air in and exhaling it out from the belly forcefully), and that's it's important to trust and have a connection with the person you're going to be trading massages with. After this introductory portion two attractive men proceed to demonstrate the erotic massage techniques, starting with a general relaxation massage before shifting their focus to the genitals.

It's when this video moves into demonstrating the various male genital massage strokes that it really shines. It demonstrates clearly how to perform about 25 different types of genital massage strokes, naming and carefully describing each one as it is shown from a number of angles. There is no other videotape I know of which covers this topic so well.

This information will certainly be of value as a refresher if you've taken the male Body Electric course. It will also be of value if you can't afford to take the Body Electric course right now but want to understand some of the material anyway. Although the strokes are demonstrated by two men, the material should also be of value to women who have sex with men.

This tape follows the demonstration of the 25 different genital massage strokes with a discussion of and demonstration of the "Big Draw," which involves breathing and muscle tightening for the purposes of inducing altered states of consciousness (and sometimes mystical visions) in the person receiving the massage. Although most of this portion was identical to my experience of the Body Electric for Men course, there was one big difference: on the tape, the person performing the massage remains hovering over and in contact with the person on the table following the "Big Draw," whereas when I took the course the instructors were clear on having the person performing the massage just stand there and "hold the space," not intruding on the person on the table in any way.

You'll notice on this tape that nobody is using latex gloves. When I took the Body Electric for Men course latex gloves were made available and their use was discussed and encouraged.

All in all, I recommend "Fire on the Mountain". Although it drags towards the beginning, it contains valuable information which you're not likely to find anywhere else.

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