Review of Cyborgasm 2

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Cyborgasm 2
produced by Lisa Palac
Passion Press, 1994
ISBN 1-886238-16-2

In general, I love erotic sound recordings. This CD, the sequel to Cyborgasm 1, contains erotic stories and performances by some of sex-positive culture's well-known talents. I enjoyed Cyborgasm 2 (though not as much as Cyborgasm 1), and have found that some tracks on it (especially #2 and #9) can accompany sex quite wonderfully.

This CD was designed to sound best through headphones; it is recorded in such a way that when listened to with headphones it seems as if you're right in the middle of everything.

I'll review this CD by track-by-track:

  1. "Wet Velvet Heart"
    Sounds of moaning, a bed creaking, and a whip cracking. It's OK, but I generally skip this track and start the CD at track 2 (if you're going to use this CD to accompany sex, it's good to figure out which tracks you like and which you don't, and then program your CD player to repeatedly play those tracks in sequence).

  2. "Puppy" by Lisa Palac
    To a spacy music background, Lisa sensuously describes a SM scene involving her submitting fairly thoroughly to her male partner. I found the sex in this track to be pretty hot, with some background noises at just the right time. I don't skip this track. It's probably my favorite.

  3. "Mardi Gras" by Dennis Matthews
    To a rhythmic drum beat background, Dennis describes a seduction fantasy at Mardi Gras. It was good, but would have been enhanced by a sound effect or two, a la the previous track. As you listen to this track with headphones, what's going on with the "3-D Sound" is pretty obvious; the narrator's voice drifts from ear to ear, as if you were blindfolded and the narrator was behind you, moving behind you near your ears from side to side while talking. It's OK, but not my favorite track. I usually skip it.

  4. "The Housewife and the Businessman" by Voice Farm
    I don't know what was up with this track; the fantasy (involving a businessman being tied up and dominated by a housewife) was OK, but was read by a computer-altered voice that sounded exactly like Alvin and the Chipmunks. I found this track quite annoying and skip it, except as a novelty.

  5. "Vicious Panties" by Laura Albert and Jeffrey Kaos
    This gender-bending acted fantasy was pretty good, consisting of a guy whose girlfriend caught him putting on her stockings and decided to turn him into her little girl-slut. If cross-dressing is one of the things you like, then you'll probably enjoy this track quite a bit.

  6. "Milky" by Susie Bright
    Susie Bright talks about accidentally lactating at a restaurant, which ends up turning on her male partner. They then leave and have incredible sex (including a terrific fisting scene) together in a hot tub place. If lactation is one of your kinks, then you'll probably enjoy this track quite a bit. You'll probably also like it a lot if you've ever given birth or been vaginally fisted.

  7. "Kiss Me Kiss" by Alice Joanou
    Erotic poetry and sound portraiture, including a lot of sound effects. Artistically and aesthetically, this is good stuff, but I found it to be a bit too disconnected to be consistently arousing.

  8. "Peep Show" by Carol Queen
    "I feel like touching myself tonight, and telling you all about it." What a brilliant way to start... This track, a recording of Carol Queen masturbating while describing it in detail, is one of my three favorites from the whole CD. She describes some of the fantasies she uses as she uses them, which was also hot.

  9. "Rodeo" by Daryl-Lynn Johnson
    This track gives you a chance to be seduced by a woman you meet in a country-western bar. The sex starts out pretty vanilla, but you'll find there's a surprise halfway through... This track is excellent.

  10. "Dueling Hoosiers" by Jana Goerlitz and Rebecca Klingler
    Another joke track, along the lines of the Chipmunk one. I'd recommend skipping it.

  11. "Inside Marcie's Bedroom" by Josh Kornbluth
    A vivid description of what was apparently Mr. Kornbluth's first sexual experience. VERY funny and insightful, but only intermitently arousing.
In retrospect, the tracks on this CD which I found the most arousing (#2 and #9) all had a constant musical background and featured vivid, tactile language that was delivered in a relatively constant cadence with a deep, throaty voice. So I guess that's my winning formula...

Passion Press, frankly, is THE source for erotic audio recordings, and Cyborgasm 1 and 2 just touch the surface of their catalog. For other audio recordings by Passion Press, see their web site at Additional items include their Encounters Erotica CD, which is recorded in the same "3-D Sound" style as Cyborgasm 1 and 2 but which exclusively features tracks of people having sex (no stories or scripts, just the real-life sounds and sighs and cries of couples and groups of people making love). They also sell a "Headphone Splitter" which will let two people listen to the CD's over two different headphones simultaneously. But what their web site primarily offers are dozens of audiotapes and CD's, consisting of classic and contemporary erotic books being read to you in a sexy and inviting way.

I very much enjoy Passion Press's recordings and have nothing but good things to say about them.

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