Review of BurLEZk Live!

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This is a videotape of an evening of "BurLEZk," which apparently is a regular event in San Francisco in which a particular exotic dance club becomes "women-only" for an evening of women erotic dancers dancing for an audience of lesbian and bi women (or something like that - the tape didn't go into details about the event itself).

Anyway, the reason I rented this tape is that a friend told me watching it is a good way to learn how to learn to do erotic dance (at least for women - male erotic dance has traditionally been a bit different than female erotic dance, typically with more linear pelvic motion). After watching this tape, I'd agree with my friend's assessment.

One nice thing about this tape is that it features the dancers from the start of their time on the stage until the end, so you get to see how you can go from a fully-clothed state to the opposite, and how erotic energy and audience rapport can be built throughout the time you are on stage. It doesn't waste time with meaningless cuts to the audience or cuts to other angles from other cameras; it's clear that only one camera was used during filming, and from the point of view of someone wanting to learn that's a good thing.

I also liked the fact that the stage the dancers were using didn't have any poles. Typically, when you see professional exotic dancers (whether male or female) live, they will often tend to do pretty athletic things with the poles, such as climbing to the top and twirling around using only their legs, etc. Most people couldn't do that without a lot of practice and exercise. But most people COULD do with only a little practice most of the movements that make up the rest of what erotic dancers do, and that fact is easy to lose sight of when seeing them perform in most venues. Anyway, if someone were following along with this BurLEZk Live! tape wanting to learn they would probably find that they could do 95% of what they end up seeing on the stage with only a little practice, regardless of their level of physical strength, flexibility, or body type.

I don't think I need to point out that anyone who finds women sexually attractive will probably enjoy this tape. The dancing is very good, and it's clear that the dancers are enjoying being on the stage. The passion generated between the dancers and the women who approach the stage (to donate dollar bills to the "cause", etc.) seems genuine. I suppose that if you were watching this tape wanting to learn erotic dance for the sake of one of your partners, that these portions of the tape might be good to focus in on.

Oh, and some of the costumes were pretty well-thought-out too :)

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