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BDSM Radio Show with Net Archive
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Email Address: russcuir@aol.com

Announcement: We are taking the airwaves in Houston, Texas and College Station, Texas.

We also have archived these BDSM-related interviews from the radio Program on http://www.sandm.com. There one can download interviews with such Scene luminaries as Jay Wiseman, author of the book SM 101, and Lady Green, author of several bdsm books and publisher: Greenery Press. We've also archived an interview with John Weis, chair of New York's Gay Male SM Activists. Forth coming will be archived interviews with Lolita Wolf, Rich Dockter (Mr. Rocky Mountain Leather and organizer of the Thunder In the Mountains event), Mark Frazier (outgoing President of NLA- International), Jack McGeorge (concerning the National Coalition For Sexual Freedom), Catherine A. Lizst and Dossie Easton (re: their book called The Ethical Slut), Joseph Bean (Leather Archives and Museum), Race Bannon, Guy Baldwin, and many others.

The local radio program (KPFT FM90.1 Pacifica Non-profit/ simulcast on Keos in College Station) is called "After Hours: Queer Radio With Attitude." "After Hours" comes on from Midnight until 3am every Sunday morning. The Program is hosted by Jimmy Carper and deals with a full range of so-called alternative sexuality: gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, plus leather/sm/fetish. The Leather segment has been going on for some years now and is currently co-hosted by John Benavides and Russell. The BDSM segment comes on at 1:30am on the 4th Sunday morning of each month. The "After Hours" radio program is the highest rated talk program in its time slot, which is a great thing for a not-for-profit station broadcasting politically relevant material. The radio program and Internet archive are entirely volunteer productions. Special thanks go to Stephen Stovall and J.P. of http://www.sandm.com for the interview archive: please link with this site.

The Internet site gets about 2000 visits every day and some are definitely checking out the interviews which can be heard via RealAudio's RealPlayer audio/video streaming technology. Race Bannon's archived interview program on http://www.GayBC.com operates in a similar manner.

Questions, comments or suggestions about Program or the archive are most welcome: contact Russell at russcuir@aol.com.

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