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Calendar of Upcoming Events

This page lists a selection of major BDSM events for the upcoming year.

The definition of "major" is admittedly subjective. Preference is given here to multi-day and occasional high-attendance single-day events that in my judgment are potentially of interest to sophisticated players and newcomers alike and are intended to appeal to those who are not just local to where the event is scheduled. I retain the right to be arbitrary, and on occasion some local events will be listed.

There are hundreds of fine local events every month! To find these, check out your local resources. You can find many local listings at the URLs listed on the Groups page. Particularly active cities include: San Francisco; Seattle; Boston, Washington, D.C.; NYC; Atlanta; and Austin. Many other cities, like Denver, St. Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, etc., have wonderful BDSM groups with ongoing programs. Don't miss out just because you think you are somewhere remote. You will be surprised. : )

If you know of an event you think should be listed here, please email me at nflauren@submission.net.

October 1998

LIL: Living in Leather (LIL). Dallas, October 8-11, 1998. Large BDSM convention with educational workshops and play events. For more information, see the NLA-I web page for LIL (http://www.nla-i.com/lil.html).

Black Rose '98 (BR98). Washington, D.C., October 16-18. For information see http://www.br.org.

December 1998

Boston Fetish Flea Market, December 12, 1998, Boston Center of the Arts Cyclorama. Vendors of toys and fetish items. For more information see http://www.circlet.com/pub/u/ctan/fff.html.

February 1999

Pantheon of Leather VIII. February 5 - 7, 1999. New Orleans, Louisiana. For more information see http://www.imrl.com/events.htm.

My Vicious Valentine 99. Chicago, February 12-14, 1999. Seminars, playparties, vendors. For more information see http://www.mjsleathernet.com/.

April 1999

LeatherFest. San Diego. Dates to be announced. Large BDSM Convention, now going into it's 11th year. More info to come: see http://www.leatherfest.com/.

Beat Me in St. Louis. St. Louis, Missouri. Dates to be announced. Quality, growing BDSM Convention, now going into its third year. Seminars, playparties, vendors. More info to come: see http://www.ier.com/users/stl3/.

May 1999

International Mr Leather 1999. May 28 - 31, 1999, Chicago. Illinois. For more information, see: http://www.IMrL.com/.

July 1999

Thunder in the Mountains. Denver, exact dates to be announced. Seminars, playparties, vendors. The 1998 event was one of the best BDSM events of the year. For more information see http://www.webslaves.com/thundermtnleather.

August 1999

Leder Treffen. Location, exact dates to be announced. Largest leather meeting in Europe; experienced players.

September 1999

Folsom Street Fair. San Francisco, weekend of the last Sunday of the month. Annual outdoor gay/leather/kinky festival. A famous and wonderful event every time.

October 1999

Living in Leather (LIL). Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Annual, high-quality BDSM/Leather Convention held in varying locations. Date to be announced. Seminars, playparties, vendors. Recent LILs were in Portland, OR, and Dallas, TX. For more information, see the NLA-I web page for LIL: http://www.nla-i.com/lil.html.

Black Rose '99. Washington, DC., exact dates to be announced. Now going into its third year, BR's superbly-run event features space and activities for 1200 people: three days of workshops, playparties, and vendors. The largest and, so far, one of the finest BDSM events open to the public. Register early: last year they were sold out. For more information see http://www.br.org.

If you have an event, organization, club, or forum about which you would like to post, please email non-famous Lauren at : nflauren@submission.net. Please include the word "Events" in the subject line.

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