Jane and Dick #4

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Volume I Issue 4             --              gettin' creamy
June/July 1997 	           --                 Free Smut


**something for the girl who has a secret**


Next one due out August 10. Let me know if you want it...

"I don't know what to do with my arms. It just makes 
me feel weird and I feel like people are looking at 
me and that makes me nervous." 
                                        -Tyra Banks

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*cool kittens*:
Lisa Smith, Kenny Montana, Cyndi, Julie Winn, Opuntia,
Jason Jensen, Jon Ponsford, me (Pepper Montana)... 
am I forgetting anyone? 

*cover art*: Quacky
*images*: Loozie Haalten-Maler, and Carl DeWois

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1. Ace of Spades


Hi Pepper!
 I just read J&D vol. 3.  Here is my review
Maybe one day I'll put my Vespa Vibrator story on paper and send 
it to you . 

Love ,
Misty Lipps

Jane Says: Hey, thanks for writing.  We always love to hear from 
people who have read our smut. Your honorary "I am a whore" 
T-shirt is on its way!


Dear Jane & Dick,
I am writing in response to your demented story "Granny's 
Last Hurrah". This was the most ridiculous and sick piece 
of work I've ever laid eyes on! I don't know where my 
daughter picked up your filthy rag, but from now on I'm 
going to make sure she gets her literature from a place 
where she can get a good deal in a christian environment. 
What kind of pervert would even think of making pornography 
out of the Holy Bible. It's fragrant blasphemy. I hope when 
they build the new stadium in Seattle they bring degenerates 
like Titus McSphincter there and line them up and shoot them. 
I'd pay 120 dollars to Ticketmaster for the privilege of 
bringing my whole family to see these scum be put to sleep like 
the rabid dogs they are.

If we want our children to grow up to be normal like we are, 
we must accept the fact that some information really is dangerous. 
If I have to lock my daughter in her room until she's 18 or 
send her to a $20,000 a year re-education center, or even repeal 
the First Amendment to keep corrupting influences like your 
magazine from threatening her mental health I'll do it. I'd 
encourage others to do the same. The kind of shameful smut you 
people peddle only hastens the corrosion of family values, and 
you act like you're proud of it! Shame on you. Mr. McSphincter! 
Shame on you all. There's something very wrong with you.

I'd like to monitor future issues, just to see if this letter 
has any effect, but I'll be sure to keep them hidden so my 
children and my husband will be safe from them. Please send 
copies to the return address on this envelope. Thank you for 
your time and attention to this very important issue.

Love, "Carla"
A Concerned Parent

Jane Says: Hey, thanks for writing.  We always love to hear from 
people who have read our smut. Your honorary "I am a whore" T-shirt 
is on its way!


I am interested in recieving the Jane and Dick ezine. Please let 
me know how I can get this, or add me to the mailing list.


Jane Says: Wow isn't that cool?! A Jane and Dick ezine??? Yeah!

A wonderful person from the Society for Human Sexuality website asked us
sometime between issues if we'd be interested in putting J&D up as an
ezine. "Holy funkin shityeah" my colleagues said in unison.

So anyways, there's two ways to 'subscribe' to The Special 
Text-Only-Version JaneAndDick Ezine.

1. send a little email to listproc@u.washington.edu that 
   says in the message
  `subscribe shs-a'; 

then follow the instructions. 
You can follow instructions can't you?

2. even easier if you can do the web: look up the SHS on the 
   web at http://www.sexuality.org/ and click around on stuff until
   you're subscribed. 

AND THEN FOLLOW the INSTRUCTIONS!! And by the way... thanks for 
writing.  We always love to hear from people who have read our smut.  


Letter from Opuntia:
Here's what turns me on lately:
- not talking
- girls with glasses
- girls who masturbate at work
- thin punky boys with taut skin
- girls holding hands
- nice ties
- office clothes
- track and field
- the rain

***(If you've been following along Opuntia wrote a nice long 
story for the second J&D Experiment. Remember, we want your 
turn-ons too!!!)***


Date: Sun Jun  1 05:08:07 1997
From: xxxx@yyy.zzz
Subject: heat
To: galaxy@scn.org
thank you for jane & dick phase 2.  Found at Babes in Toyland.  
Hottest zine i've red in ages.  Thank you thank you.


*****What turns me on now:  people who write to zines they like!!!*****

2. Juice Box


It's time to get serious. Here it is, the real McCoy, the big 
Kahuna. Prior to this issue, we might have been simply 
experimenting with what we wanted to do, how we wanted to do it, 
and why we should do it in the first place. But, after one last 
night of frank talk in the Georgetown Tavern, I think we got it 
figured out.

I was talking to my friend Bobby about relationships between men 
and women, prostitution, and monogamy. "You know," he said, 
"there's a perception out there that, in general, most men want 
sex a lot more often than women. Or ,women aren't really into it, 
not getting any pleasure, they're just doing it for their 
partners." Hm, I thought, that's bullshit. 

"Actually," I countered, "I think women are way more sexual than 
men, and if women in our society had grown up with sex being 
presented in a positive manner, the perception you're talking 
about would not exist."

Not only did he agree, but he added that our society seems 
frightened of women's sexuality and the potential power it 
possesses. No duh. Ever notice when you're in a room full of 
boys and girls, and a girl starts talking explicitly about sex, 
all the boys get kind of quiet, shift around nervously, and 
change the subject to something they can handle, like rock n roll?

So, we developed a partial list of reasons why people might 
perceive women as being uncomfortable when having (or talking 
about, or being open to, or writing about...) sex:

a) women might be unaware of how their bodies become aroused 
   and achieve orgasm

b) partners might not be aware of how a woman's body becomes 
   aroused and achieves orgasm.

c) women may feel uncomfortable with their bodies because they 
   don't look like Pamela Lee Anderson and they believe their 
   partners want them to.

d) women may be unable to communicate their needs to their partner, 
   for whatever reason.

e) if a woman grew up with sex being presented as "dirty" she may 
   have a mental block prohibiting her from becoming fully relaxed 
   during sex.

I have an eternal hope that one day in our society these problems 
will be the exception instead of the rule.

Sex is one of the best things in life. It's fundamental to our 
existence, like eating or sleeping, and having great sex is an 
integral part of having a healthy body and mind. We must promote 
a positive view of sex in our society by encouraging open 
communication across the entire spectrum of sexual experience. 
Every fetish, fantasy, and craving should be exhalted and embraced. 
J&D aims to do this through publishing erotic and pornographic 
literature, exploring all areas of sexual interest, printing 
pictures to reaffirm sex is OK to look at, bodies are OK to see, 
things don't have to be kept behind closed doors, and finally 
using humor, facts, and philosophy to promote an open investigation 
into all aspects of sex and society. Whew!

So, that's it, that's all there is. I'm done.

So much cool stuff has happened the last two months. First, thanks to SHS,
you can now read J&D on the internet at the website of The Society of
Human Sexuality. That's a super cool website to check out at
http://www.sexuality.org/ I'm amazed at the enormous variety of sexuality
represented on it. Man oh man! And, on the never ending quest for new
adventure, Jane and Dick are going to Europe this fall. Promised are
detailed accounts of our escapades in the red light district of Amsterdam,
the underground gay community in Dublin, the wide variety of Parisian
prostitution, and the BDSM scene in London. I'm so excited to visit
countries where women's breasts aren't considered "dirty", I can hardly
control myself! Is there any hope for the US?

Finally, J&D is moving into the realm of film. Ultimately fed up 
with the erotica/porn films out today, we decided to make our own 
damn film.   More on that, later.


what turns me on today: cool girls with kids

3. Chocha

reprinted from The New Archaic #2 April, 1995

How to use Reality

The "Reality" Female Condom:  a review

	Knowing that some of you out there take time-out to 
occasionally romp in the sack, I've decided to check out this 
new contraceptive breakthrough.  The Reality female condom 
is a device to be used by women during heterosexual sex.  It's 
supposed to help prevent pregnancy and STDs including HIV 
infection.  A friend from the Northwest AIDS Foundation gave 
one to me, along with a rather lengthy instruction booklet.  
Since I had a half an hour to kill, I sat down and read it. 


	According to the booklet, Reality was put through 'limited' 
laboratory testing.  This made me somewhat nervous, as did the 
statement that it 'can' block sexually transmitted diseases.  They 
don't say it will block them, only that it can.  Hmmm... 

	The booklet also says this thing was only tested on U.S. 
women for six months.  SIX MONTHS?!  AND, these women were only 
used to test Reality's effectiveness in stopping pregnancy, 
not in preventing STDs. Pretty scary.  Their logic was that if 
this thing can block sperm, then it can also block germs and 
viruses.  I'm not sure about the size difference between sperm 
and various STD germs, but this was not very convincing to me 
at all. 

	The failure rate for Reality, the percentage of women 
who got pregnant in six months of use, is 13%.  So, the annual 
failure rate is about 26%, which is higher than any other form 
of contraceptive device. Much of this failure rate is probably 
due to improper use of the condom, and the booklet says couples 
who used it right every time had a lower pregnancy rate.  They 
don't say how much lower, however.  Because of the kind of 
testing done, there is no information on the rate of STD 
transmission with this product.  All in all, this effectiveness 
information was not very comforting to me. 

             [diagram 1c]
             (2) Use a new Reality with each sex act.
             If you use it again, do not expect it to protect you.


	This was the really interesting part of the booklet, with 
lots of funny pictures and statements like:  "You may notice that 
Reality moves around during sex." It was the longest section, 
because this thing is really complicated. 

      First, you take the bottom ring and push it inside you.  You 
have to squeeze the ring closed, and keep it closed until it's 
an inch or two into the vagina.  This can be difficult, they 
say, because Reality is lubricated.  They suggest that you stand 
while inserting the condom with one foot on a chair, or sit with 
your knees apart, or squat.  None of these positions sounded like 
things I wanted to do just before sex. 
      The other ring is supposed to stay on the outside, along 
with about an inch of condom.  They note that having plastic 
hanging out of your cooch "may look unusual".  Damn straight it 
     Once you've got Reality in place, you're ready for a penis.  
Because you have to make sure he's aiming for the inside of the 
ring, they suggest you guide his little soldier with your hand, 
as in this picture. 

                   [diagram 2e]
                   where the fuck is this guy's legs?

	During sex, the main thing you need to do is make sure 
Reality doesn't get pushed into your vagina.  This, however, 
is made pretty much impossible by the size of the outer ring.  
They stress the use of lubricant, to keep it from sticking to 
the penis and coming out.  Well, the whole thing seemed a bit 
weird to me, but in the interest of science, I decided to 
try it out.


	Okay, first off, this strange thing is really hard to get 
in.  The ring you put inside is really goddam thick, and very 
hard to keep squeezed together while maneuvering it into your 
vagina.  Once I got mine in, I was surprised at just how much 
plastic was left hanging outside.  Oral sex would be really 
tricky with one of these, mostly because of the ring getting in 
the way.  Incorporating my research assistant into this picture 
was somewhat complicated, especially since I chose to be on top.  
I was holding on to the condom with one hand and him with the 
other, meaning I had no hand to hold myself up with, as I usually 
do.  That was only a momentary hassle, however, and we were soon 
off and running. 

      The first thing I noticed during sex was a slightly scratchy 
feeling inside my vagina, possibly from the inner ring being 
slightly twisted. This went away after a couple of minutes, and 
wasn't terribly uncomfortable. 

      The next thing I noticed, however, wasn't very nice at all.

      For those of you who don't know, just about all female sexual 
pleasure comes form the stimulation of the clitoris.  This magical 
organ is located just above the opening of the vagina, just two 
miles from the Interstate 405 cutoff, across the street from 
Wal-Mart.  Mow, if the clit is covered up by something, say, a 
thick plastic ring, stimulation is much more difficult.  Suffice 
it to say that I was not in seventh heaven. 

	Some women may not find this as big a problem as I did, 
especially if they can incorporate some fingers into the sex act.  
As for my research assistant, he says it kind of feels like fucking 
a baggie, but he still got off.  He liked not having to put the 
condom on himself, but he also doesn't feel that all of the 
responsibility for birth control should be on one partner or 
the other. 

      Disengaging from one another was a bit awkward, and I think 
I ended up spilling some seed on my assistant.  All in all, using 
the Reality female condom was a weird experience.  If I used them 
for a while, I suppose I would get used to them.  But for me, male 
condoms are easier and cheaper. 

My grade: C+
                  [diagram 18b]
                  (5) Don't tear Reality.
                  Be careful of sharp objects, like rings, 
                  or jagged fingernails. If Reality should 
                  tear, remove it and use a new one.

4. Quim

here's something to think about from 
           By Stephen T. Bayles, M.D.
             In Collaboration with 
                  M.F. Teehan 
     Author of "Grappling With a Vital Problem," 
 "Standard Hospital Asylum and Institution Directory," 
          "Organization and Co-operation," 
      General Imformation [sic] for the Novice or 
       Inexperienced Attendant on the Insane."

        Published by STANDARD PUBLISHING CO.
           Topeka, Kansas Copyright 1924

It is generally conceded that the modern girl, vulgarly 
known as "the flapper," is hard-boiled and frivolous, 
exceeding the looseness and lasciviousness of any age 
known in history; that she is given to strong drink 
in distressing numbers, smokes cigarettes and too 
frequently comes under the head of the "dope addict;" 
that she fills her mind with questionable, if not 
immoral literature, indulges in improper dancing, 
and adopts an extreme mode of dressing and of 
personal adornment which is suggestive rather than 
serviceable; and it is further conceded that if 
this style of procedure is permitted for another 
decade, it will jeopardize the safety and continuance 
of our social order, of ideals and standards rooted 
in our social fabric by generations of wise and 
far-seeing progenitors, and will, indeed, so 
poison the very mainspring of life that a continuance 
of the race itself will be a question of but a few 

This is the gist of the complaint that is being 
made against the modern American girl. Not only 
made questly and fearfully within the walls of our 
own homes, but shouted from the housetops - from 
the pulpit, the popular magazines, the household 
journal, and the movie screen.

The present "younger generation" has been in the 
lime-light of public opinion, and that public opinion 
an adverse one, more than any other generation that 
ever followed a worried parenthood to maturity.

It is contended that we are facing something of a 
national scandal, back of which looms a very definite 
menace. the nation is in need of strong souls, clean, 
clear minds, rugged bodies, ambitious effort. It has 
great issues to meet - issues the like of which the 
world never faced before. Half of our earth has been 
torn to tatters; the few men and the many women in the 
war-torn nations of the old world are buried in a 
resultant poverty with all its attendant tragedies; our 
own nation is the source toward which many of these 
befuddled millions look for direction of material help. 
This condition will last for years to come.

Meanwhile the present generation, the generation which 
is to handle this tremendous problem is saturating 
itself with self-indulgence, licentious living, utter 
oblivion to everything but the most sensational of personal 

In other words, our young people, our girls and our boys, 
according to the pronouncement of public opinion, are 
"going the pace that kills."

It is the special province of this study in modern girl 
live to give concrete facts, to hold up to the bewildered 
parent a picture of the girl, who, from the very record 
of her deeds comes under the above pronouncement.


It is not a far step from rouge to knee skirts, from knee 
skirts to rolled stockings, from rolled stockings to cigarettes, 
from cigarettes to -well, there are any number of things, 
any one or all of which a  young girl may choose. Among them 
are men, liquor, and "dope."

.... Probably no other element has been so much to 
blame as the modern music known as "Jazz," and the 
modern dances known as the "Shimmy" and its kindred types.


Fall of 1,000 girls charged to jazz music.
"That the weird, neurotic, sex stimulating strains 
of so-called jazz music result in a 'feeble-minded morality' 
is indicated in a study recently completed by the 
Illinois Vigilance Association....

"Mid the distracting notes of the saxophone and the 
weird beat of the tom-tom was witnessed conduct not 
hitherto seen outside the old red light district.

"In full view of the audience, which included many 
boys and girls apparently still in their teens, couples 
on the floor gave way to almost every form of indecency. 
Dancers violently threw their arms about each other, 
frequently assuming immoral postures.

"Lights were lowered, and to the strains of syncopated 
music action that are indescribable took place. 
This is the full flowering - the fruition of modern 
erotic music, which has so crazed and befuddled the 
moral make-up of young people...."

5. Front Window

Electro-Web-A-Tronic Hypersmut
by Quacky
Yay! I got another free email provider: now I'm 
quacky@rocketmail.com. If you can't get me there, just 
start sending mail to quacky at any old .com you can think of. 

This column is something that didn't fit in the last issue, 
so it kinda starts out of nowhere. Look forward in a future 
column to an interview with Persian Kitty, the hot webmistress 
of Persian Kitty's Adult Links (some say the BEST smut links 
site out there!!) Ohhh boy I hope I can get her on the line 
for this one!!!


Other things I've been finding include tons of really great 
sites for x-rated shopping, and a really awesome-radical-freakazoid 
site about how the universe was created by some godlike being 
masturbating. First and most important: the SHOPPING!

I found the greatest shopping site just yesterday. I was 
surfing around (on work time of course) looking for stuff to do 
with masturbation and porn and feminism, since that's a sort 
of sub-plot to this issue[ actually LAST issue -- ed  ] . So 
I get this really interesting article from a site called 
www.indulgent.com, or Indulgent Arts. 

The article is called "Why Chicks Don't Dig Porn" and of course 
this was provocative by the author's design. It's an interesting 
article, mainly because she's telling about lots of the kinds of 
disagreements that kinda drive Jane and Dick. I'd print the whole 
thing, but that's lazy, and I want you to go look at this site. 

The article is at 

But the real reason for going to this site is the excellent array 
of sex-related products offered alongside a ton of articles, chat 
areas, reviews of sex clubs ... on and on, and very very tasteful 
and hip. I want to LIVE at this site!!!

Wait. I'm supposed to be talking about products here. OK. This is 
how I decided that the shopping here completely rules: they have 
the most amazing selection of nipple clamps I've ever seen, even 
in a meatworld store like the Crypt. The list goes on and on and 
it takes like 45 minutes to look at them all. The pictures are 
pretty crummy, and so lots of imagination is necessary to help 
figure out exactly what kind of clamps you're seeing and how they 
will work. But the prices are very very reasonable, so it wouldn't 
hurt to just try buying some and see if they are pleasureable. 
(they are ALL pleasureable, I think!) The store doesn't allow 
returns except for manufacturer defects, and the shipping charges 
are a little bit steep, but if you put together a big list of 
things to buy as gifts, or go together with a group of friends, 
I think it would probably be ok, since they are shipping FedEx 
2nd day. 

I'm just getting started with this site, I think I'll check out 
the toys section this afternoon. I've got a few hours to kill.

Now here's this weirdo site about masturbation: 
and it says "God is a Masturbator who created Merh and CREATED 
the UNIVERSE with a BIG BANG!"

I don't really know if I feel safe about this whole thing here. 
It sounds a little too close to a cult for me. But I really get 
a kick out of their style. They present some information from 
the Gospel of Thomas (part of the Apocryphal New Testament; try 
searching on Gospel of Thomas for MORE weirdness!). Or maybe that 
quote is from something called "Summum Bonum Amen Ra," I can't 
really tell.

This page leads to the page about Sexual Ecstasy from Ancient 
Wisdom, and here's where they really start to suck me in, and 
I start to shed my fears. "Hey, so what if it's a cult right? 
They're offering me all this great sexual power... At least they're 
not saying a flying saucer will come and take me away if I castrate 
myself." In fact this is what you might gain from these Summum 
folks: "Are you looking for a philosophy that addresses sexuality 
in an intelligent,open, and responsible manner? one that 
encourages healthy sexual relationships rather than promotes 
guilt about sexuality? one that says it's ok to masturbate and 
that oral sex can be wonderful? one that accepts homosexuality as 
well as heterosexuality? Would you like to turn your sexual 
unfulfillment into complete fulfillment? Or how about making 
your great sex life even better?"

"Now you can learn about techniques that can offer you hours, 
not minutes, of sexual ecstasy - techniques that can also be easily 
adapted to a gay or lesbian relationship. Experience a spiritual 
state with your partner you never knew existed and bring a new 
dimension of joy, adventure, and spiritual bonding to your sex life."

Sounds pretty good huh?! Anyway, I'll leave it at that. I'll let 
you all know if I decide to join up or buy the books or tapes or 
whatever. Maybe I'll really find what I've been looking for...

6. Lady Jane

What's turning me on:  
the way your skin smells when you've been out in the sunshine.

7. pussy

We're reprinting a pamphlet put out by Feminists for Free 
Expression. Please note the membership info at the end of 
the piece.    look them up! 



Feminism and Free speech: Pornography is part of the Feminism 
and Free Speech series produced by Feminists for Free Expression, 
a national, not-for-profit anti-censorship organization. FFE 
has prepared this publication to aid in the understanding of 
pornography, its uses and benefits, and its relation to violence. 
Below is an overview of the scientific and cross-cultural research, 
and legal and historical data on sexuality explicit material. 
Popular beliefs are followed by research review.


Yes, there is. Obscenity is sexual words and images 
which are not protected by Constitutional guarantees
of free speech. To be illegally obscene, a work 
must appeal to the prurient interests, depict sex 
in a patently offensive way, and lack serious 
literary, artistic, political or scientific value.

Pornography is material designed to arouse and 
has no legal or consistent definition. Each person's 
definition depends on her upbringing, sexual preference 
and viewing context. One woman's "trash" may be another's 
treasure or boredom.


No reputable research in the U.S., Europe or Asia finds 
a causal link between pornography and violence. Meese 
Commissioner Dr. Judith Becker said "I've been working 
with sex offenders for 10 years, and have reviewed the 
scientific literature and I don't think a causal link 

No research, including the Surgeon General's report, 
finds a link between "kinky" or "degrading" images 
and violence. Exposure to such material does not cause 
people to change their sexual preferences or commit 
acts against their will. The derailed impulses of child 
abusers and rapists are caused by childhood traumas. 
''They are not," wrote leading researcher John Money, 
"borrowed from movies, books or other people."

Studies on violent pornography are inconsistent. Some 
find it increases aggression in the lab; some find it does 
not. Research also finds that aggression will be increased 
by anything that agitates a subject (that raises heart 
rate, adrenaline flow, etc.), not only violent movies 
but riding exercise bicycles. Agitation will boost whatever 
follows it, aggression or generosity. 

Dr. Suzanne Ageton, measuring violence our of the lab, 
found that membership in a delinquent peer group accounted 
for 3/4 of sexual aggression. 

Studies in the U.S., Europe and Asia find no link between 
the availability of sexual material and sex crimes. The 
only factor linked to rape rate is the number of young men 
living in a given area. When pornography became widely 
available in Europe, sexually violent crimes decreased or 
remained the same. Japan, with far more violent pornography 
than the U.S., has 2.4 rapes per 100,000 people compared 
with the U.S. 34.5 per 100,000. 


Violence and intimidation existed for thousands of years 
before commercial pornography and countries with no 
pornography, like Saudi Arabia and Iran, do not boast 
strong women's rights records. Men have forced women 
to do things - sexual and nonsexual - for centuries. 
The problem is not sex, it's force. 

People do not mimic what they read or view in knee-jerk 
fashion. If they did, the feminist books of the last 25 
years would have transformed this into a perfect feminist 
world. If they did, advertisers could run an ad and 
consumers would obey. Instead, business spends millions 
of dollars and still, the strongest motive for purchases 
is price. People juggle words and images - good and bad - 
with all the others that they have seen or heard, and 
with all their real life experiences. It is experience 
that is the strongest teacher.

Men do not learn coercion from pictures of sex. They learn 
it from the violence and contempt for women in their families 
and communities where each generation passes down what 
sorts of force are acceptable, even "manly." 

Copycat theories are "porn made me do it" excuses for 
rapists and batterers. They relieve criminals of responsibility 
for their acts. 


Sexism, not sex, degrades women. Though sexism pervades 
our culture in may forms, we will not eliminate it by 
banning sex. Sexism and violence stem from long-standing 
economic, political and emotional factors. It is these 
that need addressing.

Women interpret pornography in different ways. Some find 
it sexist, some find it a form of fantasy, like dreams 
and the movies we run in our head when we masturbate or 
have sex. Opponents of sexual speech misunderstand that 
it is in everyone's interest to allow a variety of 
pleasurable materials that enhance well-being and sexual 

The only work removed under Canada's new obscenity standard 
(which claims to outlaw the degradation of woman) is 
an erotic magazine made by and for women. 


Half the adults videos in the U.S. are bought or rented 
by women alone or women in couples. 

Sexual health professionals recommend pornography 
as entertainment and information for women and men. 
It may enhance failing marriages and help couples 
talk about and experiment with sex. 
AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases have made 
it a public health necessity to encourage sexual fantasy 
material that offers women and men safe alternatives to 
unhealthy sexual contact.


Women are exploited and harassed in all fields; some are 
in pornography. Exploitation will stop when it is vigorously 
prosecuted everywhere it occurs. 

When the National Organization for Women considered launching 
a campaign against pornography, women in pornography 
protested saying that a ban against it would create a 
black market of exploitation. Some said their work gave 
then independence and a sense of accomplishment; banning 
it would worsen their lives. NOW abandoned its proposed 


Pornography may lead to masturbation much as a novel 
or film may lead to tears or laughter. All are protected
by the First Amendment, including those that some find 
offensive. "The government may not prohibit," wrote the 
Supreme Court, "the expression of an idea because society 
finds the idea itself offensive or disagreeable."

 FFE does not believe that policing masturbation is 
the proper business of government or well-meaning committees.


Historically, censorship has hurt women. Information about 
sex and reproduction has been banned under the guise of 
"protecting" women - from the jailing of birth control advocate 
Margaret Sanger to the "gag rule" against abortion counseling 
in federally funded clinics to the attacks against National 
Endowment for the Arts grant recipient Holly Hughs. It has 
never reduced sexism or violence. 

If one group may be censored because some find it offensive, 
all groups may be censored, including women. The best 
protection for women's ideas and voices is the Constitutional 
protections of free speech.

Sexual images that do not meet women's needs should 
not be restricted. Better images should be made. The answer 
to bad pornography is good pornography, not no pornography.

This publication was developed by Patti O. Britton, 
Ph.D. Jennifer Maguire and Beth Nathanson, M.A. 
for FFE. Copyright 1993, FFE


8. slit

fight against censorship

I am sending a check for the following amount:
Annual Dues:
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I cannot join FFE at this time. Please add me to 
your mailing list and send more information

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Please make checks payable to: Media Network/FFE 
and send to: 
              Feminists for Free Expression 
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Feminists for Free Expression is a sponsored project of Media Network (aka
Alternative Media Information Center) which has an IRS 501(c)(3)
tax-exempt status and is registered with the New York State Charities
Bureau in Albany, New York. 

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9. cunt

Turn on #157: 

"Some people will go to any lengths 
to get turned on." You need to be 
wearing a dress, no panties. Take 
a hand mirror out to your car and 
secure it on the floor, door, or 
dashboard of the drivers side so 
that when you open your legs you 
get a glimpse of your action. Great 
to do when you're on your way to 
one of your lovers' houses.

10. snatch

Hi. My name is J.J. Screen and I just met this man a 
few weeks ago where I work and I've been feeling sorta 
weird about him lately.

His name is Ray and I've been seeing him come 
into the craft store where I work for about six weeks. 
he's an old guy and I think he's married or something 
because he's all: "You don't need to know about my life, J.J."

I'm all: "Well I guess..."

It's weird because why would this man ever 
like me or anything? But after seeing each 
other in the store, me selling him picture wires 
and little plastic clothespins for a while, he 
starts to get like " Hey J.J. don't you have any 
boyfriends?" and things.

So I'm like "No."

Well, long story right?

So then we're at my house after I get off work 
at 4:00, and Ray, he's smelling like medicine or 
something, and he pulls out a bunch of things from 
the pocket inside his jacket. One of those brown 
leather bomber jackets with the snaps on the shoulders, 
epaulets, right?

And he's joking about my body. I think it's a joke 
anyway. And he's all "the way your boobies hang down in 
diamond shaped flaps" and "the way your fanny melts 
into your big legs only he is saying the dirty words 
instead of "boobies" and "fanny" but I can't write those 
words. But the way he says this stuff makes me really 
like dirty, and he's not laughing, instead he takes off 
his jacket.

I'm all: "Ray I like you and the dirty words you're 
saying have a bad effect on me."

Ray goes: "That's right J.J. You like that, right?"

I go: "Um. Yeah. I do."

So pretty soon Ray's all naked and stuff except 
for his sandals, and me too. And ray picks up the 
wire and clothespins he had that he bought from 
me at the shop.

"I wanted you J.J."

"OK ...?"

His gray beard is all dry and sandy colored 
and I can see the eyes he had behind the glasses are 
colored like that florist foam you arrange flowers in. 
And I think, I wanted Ray too.

And pretty soon Ray's dink is all hard and wet on the 
head of it, and he's been kissing scratchy beard kisses 
over my belly and even lower. And he's got all the clothespins 
and wire hooked on his thing and on the nipples of my boobs, 
and it's all pulled tight all over with the wires, and I can't 
really move or pull him closer to my face because of the 
wires on my hands, and all I can really reach is my fanny 
and I'm clawing my behind because of the hot pinches of the 

And now he clips one more on my little hot spot, and my 
whole cooch and ass and everything are all pinched apart, 
and when I move my bottom it pulls the clips on the front 
of me.

And like I can't even believe that this stuff all stays 
clipped on me because it hurts so much.

And Ray's like saying my name over and over like "J.J. Screen 
J.J. Screen J.J." And I'm like saying to myself "Girlfriend. 
What the hay is going on here?"

Ray's hand is hooked into this loop of wire he's made 
that pulls on all the clips together at once and that 
makes me feel really bad, like I've just gotta stop this 
whole thing, but in a good way like I do in the shower by myself.

And Ray is just pulling on the wires and his other had is 
pulling at his dink kinda fast, like he's going to get the 
stuff to come out. and if it did it would spit on my neck 
and the rest of my front.

And I say "Ray." And I can't even really say more but I'm 
looking in his green eyes like really desperate.

And then Ray stops for just a second and lets go of the wire 
loops and that really hurts because all my sex parts have 
been pulled on and are getting used to it.

And Ray puts that hand over my eyes and points his dink right 
into my hole and slid right in.

And then his hand gets the loop of wire back, and pulls 
it around behind him so all our clothespins are tight and 
pulling again, and he's got his thing inside me, and he feels 
pretty big in there even though I've seen bigger.

So he keeps bumping into me. And it's getting dark now, 
I know because this is taking like two hours to get here. 
And Ray is now bumping and all the wires are tight and pulling 
the clothespins all over the place.

And I'm all: "Ray Ray Ray!"

And he's all: "J.J."

And my breathing is hard and the clothespins pull everything 
so hard. And Ray pushes himself in there so hard. And inside 
my crotch is this feeling like bigger than Ray even could be, 
and Ray lets the wires go again, and everything flashes at 
once and Ray's hands are pulling clothespins off all over 
and reaching for my bottom and inside my bottom, and my mouth 
and pushing up under my juggs and stuffing his own penis into 
my tunnel; and his beard is scratching under my boobs. And 
his penis is bumping the top of me inside and he's all "I'm 
doing it J.J!"

And I'm like: "Me too!"

With the clips off everything starts to ache, and blood 
comes back and I'm not *there* anymore. I don't know what.

I can't remember much after that. But it seems like Ray isn't 
coming back in the store anymore. He left the wires and stuff 
in my apartment. I guess I shouldn't really keep, them so I 
bring them to work with we even though I can't say how I'd give 
them back if he ever came back into the store.

I think I'm O.K.

I hope Ray is O.K. too.

11. Harbor of Hope

Body Measurements of Playboy Magazine 
and Miss America contestants from 1979-1988 
revealed that body weight for these "ideal" 
women has steadily and significantly 
decreased to a body weight 13-19% below 
what is considered expected weight 
(Wiseman et al., 1992). That means that 
these women who are propped up to be female 
ideals, meet at least one of the criteria for 
anorexia nervosa, being 15% or more below 
average body weight. 


what's turning him on:  girls who wear slips . . .

. . . with no panties

12. Gate of Heaven


It's a hot August night. I'm lying in bed trying to 
sleep. The hum of the fan rings in my head and the 
clammy sheets stick to my skin. Rolling around I 
land on my back and watch the ceiling fan spin 
around. I relax, thinking of you, the way you 
look, the way you felt, the way you fucked. My 
penis inflates like a balloon, and starts pulsating. 
I grab at it, trying to calm the beast. Slowly I 
stroke up and down, around my balls, over my head, 
stroking some more. My speed picks up, faster now, 
I can feel my ass start to sweat. I probe with my 
other hand. A finger goes in with ease, then two. My 
penis is going to explode. I slow down to savor the 
moment, still thinking of you. I need more. I scan 
the room searching for a nice round object to insert 
up my ass. Nothing in sight. I mentally view the 
contents of the bathroom. Nothing. The kitchen, that's 
the place. Memories of us in the kitchen last winter 
excite me more. I make my way to the fridge, rubbing 
my cock all the while. Pulling open the door, goosebumps 
cover my body. At first glance nothing seems promising, 
then I spy a lonely carrot. I grab it and insert. As it 
fills up my ass, I feel all its ridges and bumps like 
some exotic sex toy. On my knees, my head against the 
door, I begin to rotate around, up, and down this 
carrot. I want more. I scour the fridge again. A 
ketchup bottle, squash, a bottle of beer, no way. 
Ah, just what I wanted, a cucumber. Perfect. Throwing 
the carrot across the floor, I adjust myself to take 
in my prize. Holding the cucumber, I begin to circle 
around my asshole, in just a little, sizing it up. 
It may be too big, but I'm determined to take it. My 
dick is so ready, I think it's going to blow. I lower 
myself down taking in the tip. Up some, down some, 
stroking, my penis is on fire. Down some more on the 
cuke, now it's halfway up my ass. Down, up, stroking, 
I can feel it coming. I plunge down hard, taking the 
cucumber in all the way. It's icy cold , I pump my 
cock, and the long awaited sperm comes shooting out, 
hitting the mayo jar. Hot cum is dripping down my 
hands. Still stroking my cock, I lift off the cucumber, 
making me cum again. In orgasmic exhaustion I fall to 
my side, laying on the cold, tile floor. I'm no longer h
ot. I lay in my glow for awhile. My ass is sore, cock 
is raw, cum's on my hands and fridge, and my stomach 
is...hungry? I think I'll make a salad.

13. cat

A condom is required. You'd be surprised how convenient 
this makes things. I'll explain that a little better down 

So I usually get some clips on my nips. That just serves to 
make my whole body fired up, because it's like just flipping 
the switch on a big machine that needs to warm up for a while 
to be very useful. After about 15 minutes of just that (and 
stories and pictures and lots of 'troubled' breathing) I walk 
to the bathroom. Walking with clips on under a shirt just 
about rips me wide open, and I'm usually rock hard and absolutely 
HUGE (bigger than normal because I've been restrained and blood 
is pumping all over like mad from the clips).

So then the condom goes on. And I go back to my desk. Yikes! 
more walking! and I can barely sit still. Which is good.

Now see the condom is kinda tight, and it's also starting 
to get some of my juices filling up the 'resevoir tip' so it's 
very slippery slidey inside there. Pretty much all I would have 
to do would be dig in my pocket a little bit to find the perfect 
spot on myself and do a little bit of finger circling. With 
all that juice in there it's very wild!

If there's someone else at work, I usually don't do any of 
this, but I have once or twice, being extra-careful to keep 
fingers on Alt-Tab and something full-screen and work-related 
stuck right behind whatever smut I'm looking at or reading. 
One-finger navigation is ESSENTIAL, and I really understand why
 my newsreader and my browser know to page down or go to the next 
message with just a tap on the spacebar. But I don't have a hand 
anymore for inside my pocket.

So all I have to do is sit in the right spot and the right posture, 
and I'm rubbing that same special spot right up against the bottom 
of my keyboard tray. It's alot rougher than the finger circles, but 
with the large muscle movements of scooting back and forth an inch 
or two in my chair, it can really get wild.

One of my main goals is just to exhaust myself completely before 
cumming. So I usually stop and start a whole bunch of times after 
coming right to the brink, and walk around a bit, cool off by 
putting on a backup tape, smoking etc. It's a really cool 
hours-long self-love fest!

Hope you enjoyed this. I didn't intend it to be a full-blown 
story... but I got a little carried away, realizing just 
how much I love doing this!

14. cunny

I'm walking him to the busstop 
and I have to pee 
but I can't get a word in edgewise so 
at the Kentucky Fried Chicken I stop 
on the way home and I pee

I feel about the city like I still have to pee and ...

		feels like shaved pubic hair

15. Steam Room

Turn ons                                Turn offs
miniskirts                                 skorts

girls who drink                   girls who smoke

people who call you               people who call 
in the middle of the            you in the middle 
night to tell you                    of the night
their dreams                                drunk

boys who say                    boys who say they
they like you                            love you

people who do things              people who talk 
                               about doing things

women who eat with             women who only eat 
gusto                                       salad

boys and girls                     boys and girls 
who ride bikes               who drive two blocks 
                                     to the store

16. Black Bess

15. Don't ask questions, just act.
14. If you want it, take it.
13. Make more noise.
12. Harder.
11. Faster.
10. Slower.
9. Longer.
8. Use BOTH hands.
7. Don't cover your teeth with your lips.
6. Don't pretend you don't have fingernails.
5. Keep going, even if it seems like I can't handle it.
4. I WANT it to hurt.
3. Don't just take off your clothes like you're 
   getting in the shower.
2. Don't check on me to see if I'm OK.
1. Never hesitate.

17. Cleft 

most of the super-rad fonts you'll see in our printed issues
are ones we downloaded free from Chank.
Chank Diesel makes abso-fukin-lutely the greatest fonts
that kinda represent where cool is at nowadays in terms 
of design and fonts and rock-n-roll. I highly highly highly 
recommend having a look at


plus he's in Minneapolis, and everyone I know from there is 
Really really cool).

18. Girl-Street
19. Mouse 
20. Brown Madam 
21. Honey-Hive
22. Tool-Chest 
23. Muff
24. Little Mary 
25. Jaxy
26. Notch 

later on...

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