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November 1998

by William A. Henkin, Ph.D.

Copyright © 1998 by William A. Henkin

<Q> A few months into our relationship my Master surprised me by disclosing what was for me an unexpected interest in rimming – specifically in my rimming him. Somewhat more to my surprise I found I was willing to accommodate him. Although I have never felt better than neutral about the whole idea of performing analingus, and have more often been out-and-out repelled by it, I found I was actually eager to please this man in this most extreme way. Perhaps it helped that he is scrupulously clean, but I think my initial responsiveness had more to do with the nature of our connection: I knew he was my Master from the moment I saw him, I never see or even think about him without falling into sub space, and I'm sure I would do anything at all to please him. As proof, at least to me, I never even thought of saying No when he told me that he was interested in this form of service. And I'm not writing to you because I'm thinking of saying No now. Instead, I'm writing for advice about the practice, including information about safety, health, and humiliation. Then I will wear it, fingerpaint with it, bathe in it, or eat it if he tells me to.

<A> Wear? Bathe? Part of what I like about this community is how I endlessly learn about new fashion experiences.

First, it doesn't sound to me as if humiliation is an overwhelming concern where you and your Master's scat play are concerned. Humiliation, as I've encountered it in BDSM, is about deliberate ego reduction for erotic purposes, but I don't read anything in your letter that suggests you would feel reduced by the scenes you describe. Perhaps when you ask about humiliation you really have in mind a state of humility – being free of false pride or the arrogance of an inflated ego. I've never seen anyone in a state of true humility who could be humiliated, because humility requires that the ego be secure and true to itself, so it is neither inflated nor deflated nor amenable to being built up or taken down.

Second, physical safety and health are very different concerns than humiliation because they don't have anything to do with your emotional state. However you feel about the matter emotionally, playing with scat can never be assumed to be physically safe or healthy.

Rimming is safe to the extent that the anus in question is really clean and attached to the body of a person who is really healthy. But many infectious agents from colds to hepatitis and parasites can pass from one person to another through excrement, and all manner of micro-organisms that reside in excrement may reside in the small curves and wrinkles of folded rectal and anal tissue. If there are any small amounts of feces lingering there rimming is obviously a likely way to ingest them.

Intentionally ingesting scat compounds all the dangers of rimming because it isn't possible to not do what you are doing. Wearing, bathing, or fingerpainting with it is not dangerous if your skin is unbroken where it comes in contact with the feces, but overall your body almost certainly has numerous tiny ports of entry for those same agents, such as cuts, scrapes, pimples, razor nicks, insect bites, open hangnails, abrasions on your gums where you brushed or flossed your teeth, and so forth.

Having said this much I must also say that it's no secret that people both in and outside the BDSM communities play with scat in various ways and to various ends. If your Master wants you to prove your submission or your love in this way and you want to do so as well, words of warning are not likely to stop you. The next step in answering your question, therefore, is suggesting risk reduction. Make sure you Master is healthy on the relevant days, and clean at the relevant hours. Get vaccinated against the hepatitises well in advance and wait for the vaccines to take effect before you expand your scat horizons – some of the vaccines have a six-week incubation period. Don't floss or brush your teeth for several hours before you play if rimming or other forms of ingestion are on your play card; after you play, brush your mouth and teeth thoroughly with baking soda; drink lots of water before and after playing. If you plan to wear scat, first squeeze lemon juice or rubbing alcohol over the areas you will expose: any place your skin stings it's broken enough for infectious agents to enter, so wisdom would suggest you keep that patch of skin clean.

Finally, information in hand, we all choose our risks. Along the way you will likely find it useful to read Jack Morin's excellent Anal Pleasure and Health, recently re-released in its third edition (San Francisco: Yes Press, 1998). And if you or your Master has an interest in the subject of scat beyond your play, you might amuse him if you can find a couple of out-of-print books, End Product: The First Taboo, by Dan Sabbath and Mandel Hall, Preface by Abby Rockefeller (New York: Urizen Books, 1977, and The Portable Scatalog: Excerpts from Scatalogic Rites of All Nations, by John G. Bourke (1891), Edited by Louis P. Kaplan, Foreword by Sigmund Freud (New York: William Morrow, 1994). Winter's coming up, who knows? – they might make entertaining Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, or Solstice presents.

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