San Diego Dominatrix Runs for Congress

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Reprinted With Permission from Cuir Underground

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From Issue 2.4 - February 1996

San Diego Dominatrix Runs for Congress

Will she be the party whip?

By Mistress Veronika Frost

Mistress Madison, a well-known professional dominatrix from La Jolla, is running for San Diego's 49th congressional district seat. She is running on Ross Perot's Reform Party ticket. The primary election takes place March 26. The candidate legally changed her name to "Mistress Madison" so that her entry on the ballot could be listed as such.

Mistress Madison has spoken out strongly against Internet censorship; she has struggled herself against efforts to control her online sex business. She has generally libertarian politics, albeit with an anti-poor and anti-immigrant flavor. The Mistress wants to get government off our backs (and on their knees?).

"Taxes and government gone crazy are killing the businessman... the customer can barely afford to make rent, let alone have a good time," she claims. As might be expected, the Mistress favors draconian means of discipline and punishment, including corporal punishment for minor crimes and chain gang labor for career criminals.

Mistress Madison has appeared in several magazines and operates the Slave Cave SM parlor (which also has a website).

Perhaps, along with Margo St James' run for San Francisco city supervisor, this could be the start of a new legislative trend.

NOTE: Cuir Underground does not endorse this candidate.

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