Bay Area SM Groups

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From Issue 2.1 - September 1995

Bay Area SM Groups

Catholic perverts have a place with the Defenders

The Defenders are the Leather/Levi outreach subgroup of Dignity, a group for gay, lesbian and bisexual Catholics. Their mission is to witness for the wholeness and sanctity of our love and sexuality within the church. Men and women of all religions are welcome. The San Francisco chapter (led by CU's own astrologer-in-residence Jack Fertig) is one of seven chapters nationwide. Club activities include charitable fundraisers, spiritual and social programs. For more information, call (415) 467-7669 or send e-mail to

A Resource for 15 Years

The 15 Association, an organization for gay leathermen, this spring celebrated its 15th year of service to the Bay Area leather/fetish/military community. The 15 sponsors monthly theme dungeon parties as well as special events like their Boot Camp. For more information write to PO Box 421302, San Francisco, CA 94142-1302, or call (415) 673-0452.

The Society of Janus welcomes all

The Society of Janus is the Bay Area's oldest pansexual leather-SM organization. It is a membership group for adults of all sexual orientations and lifestyles who enjoy consensual power exchange. The group holds monthly educational presentations and periodic social events; prospective members are asked to attend an orientation meeting. Janus also publishes Growing Pains newsletter. For membership information write to PO Box 411523, San Francisco, CA 94141, or call (415) 985-7117.

The Outcasts Explore Woman-to-Woman SM

The Outcasts is a social and educational organization for women interested in S/M with other women. The group seeks to provide an environment in which S/M women can share information, learn new ideas and techniques, meet other leatherwomen, and find an S/M community. The Outcasts was founded in the spirit of acceptance and celebration of sexual diversity, and welcomes lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, and transsexual women who have a positive interest in S/M play with women. The groups sponsors a variety of informational, educational, and social events; orientation meetings are held for potential members. For more information, call the Outcasts hotline at (415) 487-5170, or write to PO Box 31266, San Francisco, CA 94131.

Women get down and silly with the Pervert Scouts

The Pervert Scouts is a casual, silly social group for women interested in SM - no membership required. The Scouts' primary purpose is help kinky women meet friends and potential play partners, and have fun in a kink-positive environment. Meetings are held on the 2nd & 4th Saturday afternoons of each month. In addition, the Scouts sponsor occasional night-time events like the annual Cruise-A-Thon, Bowling for Dildoes, Dyke Daddies' Night Out and the upcoming night of Dyke Debauchery (at Muffdive, 5th & Folsom, on the night of the Folsom St. Fair, Sept. 24). It's open to women of all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities; transgendered women welcome. For a info on upcoming events, or to get on the inconsistent phone list, call the ScoutLine at (415) 285-7985. Leave your address at that number to get on the mailing list, or email to to get on the emailing list. Or write to The Pervert Scouts, 3288 21st St. #19, San Francisco, CA 94110.

QSM Offers Quality SM Education

QSM is a San Francisco educational organization and mail order business. QSM holds 3-5 classes per month on SM and erotic power play, which are open to people of all persuasions. Classes cover a wide variety of topics of interest to those in the kinky communities (for example Cock and Ball Play for Perverts, Rope Bondage, Terror Scenes, First AID and CPR for Perverts, Mindfuck, and How to Get the Most From Your Fetishes). Classes are conducted by well-known community members (such as Sybil Holiday, Michael Dane, and CU's Lady Green). Most classes cost in the range of $10-20 and are held in a private space in San Francisco. QSM mail order features a wide selection of kinky books, magazines (including many hard-to-find back issues), comics, and videos. For more information or to receive QSM's free monthly calendar of classes and/or mail order catalog, send an age statement (over 21) to PO Box 880154, SF, CA 94188. You can also call (415) 550-SSSM or 800-537-5815 outside SF, or send e-mail to

The Ring: SM Education for Men

The Ring is an educational organization that offers workshops and seminars on safe, sane and consensual SM for men in the San Francisco Bay Area. The organization brings men together for mutual growth and exploration of SM, B&D, and related sexual practices. Workshops range from introductory presentations (SM 101) to practical skills (Fundamentals of Crotch Shaving, Spanking Scenes) to issues related to the leather/SM lifestyle (Getting Involved with the Leather Community, Online SM). Ring events are presented by many esteemed members of the men's leather/SM community. Experienced players and novices are welcome. Ring workshops are held in the Castro district of San Francisco. Advance registration is required for all events. For more information all (415) 522-9697, or send e-mail to

Trusted Servants

The Trusted Servants is a clean and sober, nonprofit social organization that offers sobriety, friendship and camaraderie to gay, lesbian and bi men and women who are involved in 12-step recovery and participate in the leather/levi/motorcycle/SM/fetish lifestyle(s). The group, which celebrated its sixth anniversary in July, participates in many community events and fundraisers, and sponsors parties, weekend trips, and the annual TRUDGE run; business meetings are held monthly. For more information write to PO Box 14374, SF, CA 94114-0374, call (415) 552-0301, or send e-mail to

This is far from an exhaustive list of the many Bay Area SM/leather/fetish/kink/etc. groups. If there's a group you'd like to see listed in our next compilation, please send information to CU at Information about several of the groups here is available online via the The Black Iris Gallery.

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