CUIR Gallery, Issue 2.3

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Reprinted With Permission from Cuir Underground

Copyright (c) 1996 Cuir Underground

From Issue 2.3 - December 1995/January 1996

CUIR Gallery
Cuir Underground Birthday Bash

Cuir Underground Anniversary PartyCuir Underground celebrated its 1 year anniversary of publication with a party at Ritual on October 21. The event featured several excellent entertainers. Tala Brandeis displayed her bullwhip-cracking skills, Johnson Grey and Midori did a demonstration featuring a violet wand, Dark Garden presented a beautifully choreographed corset fashion show, and the folks from Body Manipulations orchestrated a fishhook hanging demonstration.

The upstairs room was the site of many hot spontaneous scenes by several of SF's well-known SM players, and much outrageous fetishwear and costumes were on display. A CU logo cake was presented to round out the evening. The crowd was large and substantial funds were raised to improve the production and distribution of the paper. Many thanks to Meredith Ringel and Meredith T for organizing this fine event!

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