Book Briefs

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Reprinted With Permission from Cuir Underground

Copyright (c) 1996 Cuir Underground

From Issue 3.1 - September 1996/October 1996

Book Briefs

Ritual Sex, Leathersex

Ritual Sex, edited by Tristan Taormino and CU contributing writer David Aaron Clark, is an anthology exploring the many intersections of sex and religion. Recently released by Rhinoceros, the book includes pieces by such well known kinky authors as Laura Antoniou, Guy Baldwin, Pat Califia, Genesis P-Orridge, Annie Sprinkle, and Mark Thompson. Available from Masquerade Books, 801 Second Ave., New York, NY 10017; phone 212-661-7878.

Brand new this month are two new releases by Daedalus Publishing Company. Consensual Sadomasochism: How to Talk About It And How To Do It Safely, by well known experts and educators William Henkin and Sybil Holiday, is an easy to understand guide to erotic dominance and submission.

Leathersex Q & A: Questions About Leathersex and the Leather Lifestyles Answered answers questions about a wide range of topics including SM, bondage, relationships, safety, spirituality, history and more. Author Joseph Beam is an active writer and educator; the book features responses Beam received during his years editing gay men's leather magazines.

Both books will be available in bookstores soon, or may be ordered directly from Daedalus Publishing, 584 Castro, Suite 518, SF, CA 94114. Cost for either book is $19.95 including shipping (add 8.5% sales tax in CA). For more information, visit Daedalus' web site. Look for more extensive reviews in upcoming issues of CU.

Uniforms: An Address Book, claims to be the first address book by and for lesbians. Featuring the work of eighteen women photographers, Uniforms includes sensuous, dramatic, and sometimes humorous photos of firefighters, body builders, cowgirls, martial artists, mechanics, leatherwomen, and others. A set of notecards is available featuring the four most popular photos. Produced by Tom Boyz Productions, c/o Beth Corwin, P.O. Box 419085-339, San Francisco, CA 94141; phone 415-821-2178.

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